Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rally for Sally Succeeds

Some 1,500 filled a floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol yesterday (April 2) to stand by State Representative Sally Kern. Her opinion that the homosexual social and political agenda threatens our nation more than Islamic jihadists had evoked thousands of hateful responses. Most seem to have come from pro-homosex persons who, on other matters, would insist that they are committed heart and soul to the generous expansion of human freedom (read "same-sex marriage" or "four-sided triangle") -- except for the freedom of conscience-prompted speech that names their practices immoral.

Rep. Kern and her husband Pastor Steve Kern made clear that they oppose the homosex social-political agenda, not homosex persons, and that their ultimate purpose is to communicate the saving, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. They and Pastor Paul Blair, organizer of Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ ( and of this rally, have my deepest respect for their courage and obedience to God in "speaking the truth in love."