Thursday, April 03, 2008

Is this the "mighty, rushing wind" like Pentecost?

Probably Descartes and surely Hobbes and Hume would not, but John Locke and Blaise Pascal would join these believers' tears, and I too. I believe!

Why We Whisper: Restoring Our Right to Say "It's Wrong"

Watch Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) speak about his new book Why We Whisper: Restoring Our Right to Say "It's Wrong," coauthored with Clemson University professor Dr. J. David Woodward. It "examine[s] how government-imposed secularism and government-promoted destructive behavior have [since the 1960's] been the primary cause of [the] dangerous and costly deterioration of the character and values that have defined our nation." Why We Whisper "examine[s] how our First Freedoms and foundational virtues are being undermined by an intense, politically correct assault and argue that Americans who believe in traditional values cannot let this secularist agenda go unchallenged." --Amen.

Rally for Sally Succeeds

Some 1,500 filled a floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol yesterday (April 2) to stand by State Representative Sally Kern. Her opinion that the homosexual social and political agenda threatens our nation more than Islamic jihadists had evoked thousands of hateful responses. Most seem to have come from pro-homosex persons who, on other matters, would insist that they are committed heart and soul to the generous expansion of human freedom (read "same-sex marriage" or "four-sided triangle") -- except for the freedom of conscience-prompted speech that names their practices immoral.

Rep. Kern and her husband Pastor Steve Kern made clear that they oppose the homosex social-political agenda, not homosex persons, and that their ultimate purpose is to communicate the saving, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. They and Pastor Paul Blair, organizer of Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ ( and of this rally, have my deepest respect for their courage and obedience to God in "speaking the truth in love."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Goodbye, Micky D's

I am saddened by McDonald's decision, reported by today's American Family Association's Action Alert, that McDonald's will put full resources behind the homosex agenda, including $s for the homosex Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and a top executive for its board.

Here's my response, and I encourage you to respond as well:

Mark E. Roberts, Ph.D.
[home address]
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Andrew J. McKenna, President
McDonald's Plaza
Oak Brook, IL 60523
(Phone: 1-800-244-6227 or 630-623-3000
Fax: 630-623-5004)

Dear Chairman McKenna:

I am disheartened to learn from today’s American Family Association e-mail alert that McDonald's has decided to promote the homosex agenda in America. Contrary to your opposite claim, it is absolutely irresponsible of you to help make socially normal the immoral, perverse, and life-shortening homosex behavior by financial gifts to and through and participation in the NLGCC.

Did you not learn from Wal-Mart's failed marriage to the NLGCC?

As you think of the millions of kids who play at your stores and eat millions of Happy Meals, have you considered how many of them were produced naturally by a homosex couple? Answer: not one.

What other defining feature of “natural” do you need in order to know (as you and all humanity know, even when they suppress the knowledge for, say, monetary rea$on$) that the life the homosex promote is thoroughly unnatural. It is in no way good for the human species; and, you will see, sooner or later, less painfully now and more painfully later, it is not good for business, which benefits in every way from more, not fewer, births.

Mr. McKenna, McDonald’s is in for a pushback the likes of which it hasn’t ever seen. I've had my last McDonald's product ever until it publicly reverses this immoral decision completely. And I will encourage everyone I know to eat elsewhere.

Our boycott will hurt thousands of franchise owners, managers, and crew; and for that, I am very sorry, but your foolish decision is the cause, its reversal the solution. Many of these McDonald's partners will not support this action. Have you consulted them? Dare you? Now they’ll be forced either to put up with your gamble or to quit McDonald’s. Many of those who stay will work with divided, offended consciences. Do you care? And for what? Do the homosex really buy that much from McDonald’s? Or are you paying “protection money” to pacify a threatening group? Tell the truth. America will stand with you if you are feeling homosex heat and resist their bullying. But rank-and-file America will leave you – wait and see to your own peril – if you continue and squander McDonald’s funds and cultural influence.

McDonald's should remain neutral in the culture war. Continue providing the best fast food. Don’t fly the flag of homosex activism; don’t promote the aberrant and destructive behavior that cannot, on its own, procreate new customers. You’re now in danger of losing many of your old ones and will need new ones very, very soon. They won’t come from the homosex.

Best wishes,